Two bunnies in harnesses

Hares to Rabbits!

Believe it or not, some days at National Geographic are normal. And then there is the occasional day, or three, when your co-worker takes over the office with dozens of baby rabbits to place in new loving homes and no one questions it. When this happened last summer, I was beside myself. Could bring one home? (I bike to work.) Could I hold one during my afternoon meetings? … Continue reading Hares to Rabbits!

Win Hearts, Save Animals

Hands down, the best week in elementary school was that which led up to Valentine’s Day. Mini mail cubbies would overflow with pink, red, and white paper shapes covered in squiggly notes and stickers. Crowd-sourced love notes from classmates turned into a high-stakes mystery; you couldn’t help the urge to read between the lines wondering which messages really meant it. Here at National Geographic, our kid-savvy team created some adorable … Continue reading Win Hearts, Save Animals

Photo of students courtesy of Josie Herbert, Alta Vista Elementary School

Hang Out with Big Cats Explorers from National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative!

Who better to learn from about lions, leopards, tigers, and other big cats than National Geographic Big Cats Explorers themselves? Big cats in the wild are disappearing at an alarming rate. In fact, within your lifetime, lions in the wild could disappear forever. Since 2009, National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative has worked to reverse this decline through on‐the‐ground conservation and education projects. Don’t miss this … Continue reading Hang Out with Big Cats Explorers from National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative!

Meet the Class of 2015!

Our 2015 Grosvenor Teacher Fellows have been announced! Congratulations to all — and what a tremendous inspiration it was to see the outpouring of excitement from all of you who applied for this year’s program. Meet the Class of 2015: Paola Paz Soldan, Oceanside, California Dawnetta Hayes, Cincinnati Terri Sallee, Hobbs, New Mexico Leslie Wiles, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Rebekah Rottenberg, Hood River, Oregon Joan … Continue reading Meet the Class of 2015!

A Chance for All: Por el Planeta

You could end up in the right place at the right time, so why not head outside with a purpose? Por el Planeta is an international photography contest on a mission to change how we think about our planet. It is a call for all of us to use photos to inspire others. Join in, and we encourage you to get your students involved. Of the 10 categories, two are dedicated to … Continue reading A Chance for All: Por el Planeta