Go on a Biodiversity Expedition

This activity is designed to be used in part or as a whole and is adaptable for classroom or informal educational settings. By Julie Brown, National Geographic Project Manager Laptops are closed, the car is packed, and you’re headed to where your kids can run wild and free. Here’s a new way to keep them busy and curious along the way and while you’re on … Continue reading Go on a Biodiversity Expedition

Get Your Kids Outside this Weekend

By Julie Brown, National Geographic  Spring is the ideal time for outdoor exploration! In the evenings and on weekends, I try to get outside and explore with my family. I know that parents and kids are being pulled in many directions between work, school, daily chores, after-school activities, weekend sports games, and social obligations. Everyone needs some downtime. I find that my kids love to … Continue reading Get Your Kids Outside this Weekend

U.S. Creates Largest Marine Protected Area

ENVIRONMENT The United States has announced that it will create the largest marine reserve in the world by expanding an existing monument around U.S.-controlled islands and atolls in the central Pacific. (National Geographic) Use our resources to learn more about marine protected areas and how they are managed. (And scroll down for some beautiful photos!) Today’s current-event connection was written by Nat Geo Education’s once-and-future ocean authority, … Continue reading U.S. Creates Largest Marine Protected Area

Creature Feature: Cardinal Colors

By Julie Brown, National Geographic’s Great Nature Project Winter time in the northern hemisphere is a great time to observe animal behavior and work on your species identification skills. When the trees are bare and snow comes and goes from the landscape, it is easier to see organisms whose physical appearance starkly contrasts with their habitat. Birds are easier to see without the cover of … Continue reading Creature Feature: Cardinal Colors

Walruses Crowd Alaska Beach

ENVIRONMENT Gatherings of walruses crowded together on northwestern Alaska shorelines, like the congregation of about 35,000 animals spotted this weekend near the village of Point Lay, have become regular occurrences in the new era of scarce summer sea ice. (Alaska Dispatch News) Use our resources to learn more about shrinking summer sea ice. Thanks to our once-and-future oceans expert, Julie, for the heads-up and help … Continue reading Walruses Crowd Alaska Beach