The High-Adventure Science Collection

By Elaine Larson What do fresh water availability, climate change, the future of energy, air quality, land management, and the search for life in space have in common? They are all topics investigated through a comprehensive new collection of online lessons for middle and high school Earth and environmental science classrooms, developed with funding from NSF and in partnership with The Concord Consortium, a prominent … Continue reading The High-Adventure Science Collection

Game of the Week: National Geographic Puzzle Explorer

By Elaine Larson We’re all intrigued by mazes! And with National Geographic Puzzle Explorer, students can create their own mazes with obstacles that come to life—wild animals, locked gates, paths that suddenly disappear, to name a few—while exploring the world. The obstacles the players place in their mazes act as they do in real life and can help or hinder players’ navigation in the game. … Continue reading Game of the Week: National Geographic Puzzle Explorer

Summer Reading List!

Summer is fast approaching—in the Northern Hemisphere, ahem—and that means lots of great booklists to browse. What are Nat Geo staffers reading this summer? Let them tell you! Two books that I return to summer after summer for their almost poetic clarity and ability to transport me away to another time and place are Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and The Martian Chronicles. You can’t go … Continue reading Summer Reading List!

Game of the Week: Reach For the Sun

By Sara Zeglin This week’s game is Reach for the Sun, from Filament Games. Big thanks to Elaine, one of our favorite instructional designers, for giving us the heads-up on this game! You can’t actually play this one without an account with Filament, although you can sign up for a preview account to try. Why It’s Cool You would never think that a game about growing … Continue reading Game of the Week: Reach For the Sun