Beat the Heat with Quick At-Home Summer Activities

Looking for quick and meaningful things to do this summer? With these resources, learners of all ages can explore questions they’ve always wanted to answer, use their imaginations, and hear from National Geographic Explorers.

The best part of these activities is that they require minimal supervision and can be easily done at home in 15 minutes or less!

Learn something extraordinary

A close-up of a crested head chameleon on a branch. Photo by National Geographic Channel.

Why is the ocean salty? How do chameleons change color? Did dinosaurs dance? The Today I Learned video series explores fun questions like these with National Geographic Explorers as they share new, obscure, and amazing things about the world. Find all of the videos here

If you’re looking for more in-depth videos, the 101 video series focuses on introducing science, social studies, and history concepts.

Relax with scientifically accurate coloring pages

A young learner colors outside. Photo by Rebecca Hale.

These coloring pages are free to download and print right at home. Spend some time bringing an Arctic ecosystem, the Golden Gate Bridge, sea turtles, and more to life!

Get to know National Geographic Explorers

A learner joins an Explorer Classroom session. Photo by Rebecca Hale.

Can’t get enough of Explorer Classroom sessions? Catch up on our YouTube channel and watch previously recorded talks from events like the National Geographic Explorers Symposium. These videos are best for learners grades 6-12+. Here are few to get you started:

Explore somewhere new

Explorers in an inflatable raft off the coast of Antarctica. Photo by Scott Kish.

Want to get away? These resources invite you to explore new places and ideas.

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