Resource Library Collection: Ideas to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Explore the vital role of women throughout the years with this National Geographic Resource Library collection full of classroom-ready articles and videos. Not sure what to cover first during Women’s History Month? Browse our “What to Teach This Month” section for a few suggestions to spark conversations with your students. 

Women of NASA (Article): Some of NASA’s early missions were made possible because of the work done by women. From behind-the-scenes to the spotlight, highlight these influential women breaking barriers in science and engineering. 

Thousands March for Woman Suffrage (Article): In 1913, thousands of people gathered in the Washington, D.C. area to support the right for women to vote. Learn more about the history and vocabulary through this leveled article. 

Paleontologist: Dr. Meave Leakey (Article): Dr. Meave Leakey has dedicated over 50 years to uncover the story of human evolution in Kenya’s Turkana Basin. In this interview, your students will have a chance to get to know the famed paleontologist. 

Hero (Video): View the inspiring journey of Jane Goodall from childhood to her renowned title of primatologist. 

Star Search (Video): Have you seen a National Geographic Society Explorer in the field? Now’s your chance! Take your students star gazing with astrophysicist Munazza Alam as she hunts for an Earth-twin. 

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Feature image by Gabby Salazar

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