Resource Library Collection: Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is the time to celebrate the achievements, life-changing events, and influence of history makers! National Geographic has a Resource Library collection with over 30 resources to help educators cover important events and figures. 

Browse a few suggested highlights to get the conversation with your students started. 


From athletes and musicians to inventors and trailblazers, there are a variety of profiles to read. A snapshot of lesser-known war heroine and businesswoman Mary Seacole is a good starting point to share the depth of history around the lives of these individuals. 


How Enslaved People Found Their Way North” is an activity to introduce your students to the Underground Railroad, a system used to help enslaved people get to free states. Unsure on how to start the conversation? This resource comes equipped with discussion questions, background, vocabulary, and ways to have your students describe related clues. 


Use visual representations such as this map series about human migration to bring history to life. Students will be able to observe the movement of the African-American population from 1860 to 2010. 

We encourage you to celebrate and highlight this content all-month long and the rest of the year! Have an idea? Feel free to share what’s on your lesson plan for Black History Month by tagging us on Twitter and Facebook (@NatGeoEducation). 

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  1. Knowing history always creates curiosity among students. This enables them to build a better tomorrow. AUSD has also taken initiatives to celebrate black history month. Keep motivating us to gain knowledge. Thank you.

  2. Nice post! These ideas are really going to help students Chula Vista District to celebrate black history month to create awareness of our history. Thanks.

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