The Power of Images and Features in Nonfiction Reading with Stephanie Harvey and Explorer Magazine

National Geographic Education Fellow and literacy expert Stephanie Harvey recently collaborated with the Explorer magazine team to review and improve the classroom resource for students grades K-5/6.

In partnering with Stephanie, the team has expanded the entry points for striving readers who may not be able to read the text to include more engaging photos, maps, diagrams, videos, and charts.

In the video below, Stephanie discusses using the engaging nonfiction content in Explorer magazine as a means to close the knowledge gap.

“Nonfiction is the information genre and Explorer magazine is one of the best places for kids to find compelling content and images. When they think about this information, they can turn it into knowledge,” says Stephanie.

Watch more videos from Stephanie and the Explorer magazine team:

  • In the third video of the series, Stephanie discusses the newly redesigned teacher’s guide that comes with each issue and includes one ELA lesson that will focus on comprehension strategies as well as a content lesson with each article.
  • The second video of the series features Stephanie’s insight into reading comprehension strategies that will deepen your students’ knowledge as they read.
  • The first video in the series is Stephanie’s introduction to Explorer and its value as a classroom resource for young readers.

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