Explorer magazine announces special issue devoted to women in science

A scientist who changed the way the world sees chimpanzees.

A linguist who explored the Puno region of Peru in search of a new language.

A 16-year-old explorer who skied across the South Pole, unaided and unassisted.

What do these people have in common? All are women.

National Geographic Explorer magazine’s January-February 2019 issue tells the tales of these three enterprising women—primatologist Jane Goodall, linguist Sandhya Narayanan, and polar explorer Jade Hameister.

This special issue of Explorer celebrates three generations of women whose work has already left indelible impact on their fields of study.

“At National Geographic, we believe in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. At Explorer, we want to inspire, encourage, and support our young readers,” said Explorer managing editor Brenna Maloney. “None of these women had it easy, but each persisted and prevailed. There’s no stronger message—nor stronger role models— for readers to have than these incredible women.”

This special issue will be available for the Grade 2 (Lexile levels 250L–550L), 3 (350L–750L), 4 (450L–850L), and 5/6 (520L–950L) (Compare editions of Explorer magazine to find the edition that fits your students’ reading ability here.)

Spring subscriptions are available until November 15. The deadline for digital subscriptions is January 15. More information is available at explorermag.org.

One thought on “Explorer magazine announces special issue devoted to women in science

  1. How about NG just put women scientists in every issue instead of a special issue? Have there been any ‘special men’s issues’? No, because they are probably in every issue.


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