Curiosity is Contagious with Stephanie Harvey and Explorer Magazine

Dear Educators,

We’ve partnered with National Geographic Education Fellow and literacy expert Stephanie Harvey to review and improve Explorer magazine, our classroom resource for students grades K-5/6. In partnering with Stephanie, we’ve produced a four-part video series that takes a deep dive into Explorer and its supplementary features.

In the third video of the series, “Curiosity is Contagious”, Stephanie demonstrates how Explorer magazine is a great resource to inspire students to read more and learn about their world.

“If you tap into kids’ curiosity, they will want to read a lot and learn more,” says Stephanie in the video.

Watch “Curiosity is Contagious”:

You can also watch the second video of the series for Stephanie’s insight into reading comprehension strategies that will deepen your students’ knowledge as they read.

In the first video in the series, Stephanie gives an introduction to Explorer and its value as a classroom resource for young readers.


Richard Easby

Editorial Director, Explorer magazine

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