Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank a Teacher!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Photograph by Rob Vasquez, National Geographic

This year, we asked our Nat Geo Educator Community, as well as Nat Geo staff, to #ThankATeacherCheck out our Twitter feed to see more grateful educators!


I am writing to nominate the work of Nat Geo Community member Oktay Ince to be recognized during Teacher Appreciation Week.
Oktay runs a great program with students called the Young Scholars Program. It is a cool program that is another way of encouraging our students to be explorers. Students travel to different cities and universities to meet with scholars and professors to foster public service, communication, collaboration, and curiosity. Students are exposed to real-world challenges that help them explore how the world works.
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Photograph courtesy Duncan Phillips, National Geographic

I’m appreciative of my wife Stephanie, who inspires me every day with her dedication to helping students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom!
director, Nat Geo internal communications



A teacher at my school, Stephanie Potter, is very passionate about teaching kids about STEM and protecting our environment by reducing waste through our school’s Greenstar Ecocycle Program. We also began a Food Share program that I was a part of as well!
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Kim, appropriately branded, knows her teachers … and her MapMaker Kits.
Photograph by Cheryl Frazier, National Geographic

To the teachers I’ve had the honor of working with for the past 30 years, my hat is off to you.  I am in awe of your patience, your persistence, your willingness to make every student a priority, and to be a lifelong learner yourself.  Times change, the education political climate changes, and students change—but the essence of a great teacher remains the same over time.
vice president, education programs



I am delighted to be able to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week.
When I was in the third grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Halloran. She consistently encouraged my interest in creative writing, especially poetry. I wrote poetry all through my childhood into early adulthood, and I majored in expository writing at Queens College. I now am the rights clearance specialist for Explorer magazine; before that I was an assistant editor at Oxford University Press.

I firmly believe that the bedrock of my success as a writer of letters and essays (both professional and personal) harkens back to the encouragement by Mrs. Halloran of a nine-year-old would-be poet.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Aileen Scharl, my two daughters’ high-school English teacher, who took great joy in the creative endeavors of Maya and Rosalynn.
Finally, my son-in-law Daniel Corr, a superb classical guitarist, shares his skill and love of classical music with his many students.

rights-clearance specialist



I wanted to send a shout-out to my 8th Grade history teacher Mrs. P (Marylin Ploski). Mrs. P’s love for history and her students was infectious. Her passion and joy for learning more drove me to become a history teacher and writer.
senior manager, digital learning design



Grade 11 English teacher Ron Cabanoil opened my eyes to the power of literature. F. Scott Fitzgerald, e.e. cummings, and Shakespeare stay with me to this day thanks to him.
vice-president, experiences



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