Africa Is Rifting Apart, But This ‘Crack’ in Kenya Doesn’t Have Much to Do With It


A widely reported crack in the Great Rift Valley was not formed by tectonic movement, but by erosion of soil from recent heavy rains. (The Guardian)

What is the Great Rift Valley?

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Discussion Ideas





The Guardian: Africa is slowly splitting in two – but this ‘crack’ in Kenya has little to do with it

The Star: We’re not cracking up or drifting – geologists

LinkedIn: Is Africa splitting in two? Yes… and no.

Popular Mechanics: Does This Massive Crack in the Earth Mean We’re Getting a Brand-New Continent?

NTV Kenya: Seismologists say Mai Mahiu cracks are fissures and not fault lines

Nat Geo: What is a rift valley?

Nat Geo: What is erosion?

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