Deforestation in the Amazon is Devastating Fish Stocks


When it comes to deforestation, wood and water are often looked at in isolation. However, there is a significant link between deforestation and reduced fish catches. (Geographical)

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Zoom, zoom, zoom on this beautiful map. A new study establishes the fragile and beautiful Amazon as an interconnected ecosystem—the towering canopy absolutely impacts the lake beds below.
Map by National Geographic
Zoom, zoom, zoom in on this beautiful map. Deforestation associated with timber and agriculture (take a look at the “Altered Landscape” inset map at the bottom left) are threatening fish stocks throughout the Amazon.
Map by National Geographic

Discussion Ideas





  • How are scientists hoping to pursue the link between deforestation and declining fish stocks?


New research finds that deforested areas matched with local fisheries producing much lower yields than those with larger forest areas surrounding them.
Photograph by Tyrone Turner, National Geographic


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