These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

What were our favorite projects this year at National Geographic? Let us tell you about it!

Our Impact Report was my favorite project this year because it’s the first time we’ve had most of our impact areas highlighted in one spot. And it’s beautiful.
—Andrew, web producer


Explorer profiles! Explorer directory! Brought an immersive experience to the expedition detail pages, and you feel like you are THERE.
—Patricia, designer


Our Giant Maps let students crawl all over South America.
Photograph by Dan Beaupre, National Geographic

Giant Maps! What could be more fun for teaching young kids about geography than a gymnasium-sized floor map to play games on? I wish we had these when I was a kid, because I can tell you it would have had a much more profound impact on my retention than staring at a map on the wall of a classroom with tiny writing and cryptic characters.
—Emily, program manager


My favorite .org project of the year is the Explorer directory! It’s been awesome to share it with educators and watch their eyes light up when they consider the possibilities for connecting real-world exploration to the content areas they teach.
—Meghan, program manager


Behold a golden ticket and Wonka chocolate bars from the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Photograph by Pablo RM, courtesy Wikimedia. CC-BY-2.0

I loved this blog post about how Charlie from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory was originally supposed to be black. It made me think about the negative impact of having white characters be the default for most books and movies, and how many people’s stories are erased by this. Also, the way you explained whitewashing in Hollywood was perfect.
—Anna, educator-writer


My top choice is the behind-the-scenes “Tomb of Christ” video. ’Tis the season!
—Megan, associate producer


My favorite things were the 9 new Kahoot! quizzes we made. My favorite of the bunch is the Weird But True! quiz. The facts are fun and kids love both Kahoot! and Weird But True!, so putting them together into one fun quiz was a joy.
—Dayne, researcher


Definitely my favorite thing—other than the current projects, i.e., Timeline, and Spring 2018 events, that will be deployed early next year—was the ‘About Us’ page update. The image chosen really exemplifies truer diversity, and the way we updated that page and the web copy reflects what this organization will continue to be in the future. The essence is there.
—Camilo, web producer


Pristine Seas, like these echinoderms in Mozambique, is an all-star. Photograph by Manu San Félix, National Geographic Pristine Seas

I think Pristine Seas is beautiful! The ambient video throughout the site is quite lovely and transportive.
—April, senior digital producer


GeoGraph—the new National Geographic font!! One font to rule them all! We can better manage our brand fonts across digital properties and set styles, information and usage guidelines.
—Kelley, web designer


Linguistic Anthropologist Sandhya Narayanan was named a 2014 National Geographic Young Explorer Grantee. Photograph by Randall Scott, National Geographic

I loved this blog post, because it really highlights why our explorers work matter. Sandhya’s work is fascinating, and I can’t wait to hear more about her.
—Nancy, web producer








My favorite things are our new educator bloggers! The crews from #WorldGeoChat and #TeachPluralism, John Mead (that’s @Evo_Explorer to you), and Koen Timmers have been great additions to our team here at the Nat Geo Education blog.
—Caryl-Sue, managing editor

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