This Rock May Increase Your Internet Speed by 1000%


The “miracle material” perovskite could hold the key to ultra-high-speed communications and computing, researchers say. (Forbes and Newsweek)

Where can you find perovskite?

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Perovskite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1839. This pretty sample was unearthed in Arkansas.
Photograph by Rob Lavinsky,, courtesy Wikimedia. CC-BY-SA-3.0

Discussion Ideas



  • Why is perovskite’s use of the terahertz spectrum so promising for high-speed communications and computing?
    • The bandwidth uses light instead of electricity to transfer data. (!) According to Newsweek, “The system makes use of a simple halogen lamp to modulate the terahertz waves, rather than an expensive, high-powered laser that is usually required to transmit data in this range. The type of light used allows for a new type of structure to be used in transmitting data through a WiFi alternative known as LiFi.”
    • In addition, perovskite-coated silicon wafers can respond to different frequencies (colors) of light. According to Forbes, “Hence, not only can they transfer data 1,000 times faster using terahertz waves, they can simultaneously activate multiple data transfers using different colored lamps.”


  • The stunning experiment used simple halogen lamps to modulate the terahertz waves. What are halogen lamps?



Forbes: Scientists Discover ‘Miracle’ Mineral That Could Make Internet 1,000-times Faster

Newsweek: Ancient Mineral Forged in Earth’s Mangle Could Make Internet 1,000-Times Faster

Science: Natural and engineered perovskites

Nat Geo: What is the mantle?

(extra credit!) Nature Communications: Colour selective control of terahertz radiation using two-dimensional hybrid organic inorganic lead-trihalide perovskites

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