Why Is This Dog Blue?


While the dogs are reportedly fine, their appearance prompts a number of questions, chief among them—how did a bunch of dogs turn bright blue? (Nat Geo News)

What is turning Mumbai’s dogs blue?

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Discussion Ideas

  • Why are dogs in the Taloja neighborhood of Mumbai, India, blue? Consult the Nat Geo article, this Hindustan Times article, or the BBC video above for some help.
    • Experts say the dogs took a dip in untreated industrial dye dumped as runoff in Mumbai’s Kasadi River. Nearly a thousand pharmaceutical, food, and chemical factories line the river.


  • Read through our short reference resource on runoff. According to the resource, “runoff from human activity comes from two places: point sources and nonpoint sources.” Is the Mumbai dye point-source pollution or nonpoint-source pollution?
    • The dye is point-source pollution, defined as harmful chemicals that enter a body of water from a single source. The factory associated with the dye is a detergent manufacturer.


  • Is the blue dye harmful to the dogs?
    • Not that we know of. Nat Geo reports that the dye washed off with a recent heavy rain.




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