This Week in Geographic History: International Tiger Day

We’re slowing down for the summer! Instead of our usual roundup of “This Day in Geographic History” (TDIGH) events, here’s a closer look at one historic event that connects to something in the news today. We’ve also matched it with a map or visual, background information, and additional resources. Check out our Pinterest board for more related resources.

Saturday, July 29

NGS Picture Id:1437231
A Bengal tigress rests in Bandhavgarh National Park, India. Bengal tigers are endangered primarily due to the illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss. Photograph by Steve Winter, National Geographic.

TDIGH: International Tiger Day

This day was created in 2010 to honor the biggest of the “big cats” and raise awareness about their status as an endangered species.

Current Event: Universities with tiger mascots create conservation initiative

This week four universities whose official mascot is the tiger—Auburn, Clemson, LSU, and Missouri—founded the U.S. Tiger University Consortium. The group is committed to developing a cross-disciplinary approach to conservation. Our own Alex Oberle at the University of Northern Iowa is at the forefront of this effort!


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Discussion Questions:  

  1. Do you think having universities join wildlife conservation efforts is an effective way to help endangered species? Why or why not?
  2. What is one way you think we can help stop the illegal wildlife trade?

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