11 Things We Learned This Week

This week, we learned …

… Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture was worth the wait. It’s great. Read of the week!

Who are some Nobel laureates we’d rather forget?


… the significant benefits of long-term knowledge.

Spatial thinking is always a benefit!
Illustration by Oliver Munday, National Geographic

How can educators start to develop spatial thinking among young children?


… wartime spies used knitting as an espionage tool.

Knitting’s knit stitch and purl stitch served like the dots and dashes of Morse code.
Photograph by Clifton R. Adams, National Geographic

What sort of schools might teach espionage knitting skills?


… the best way to transmit satellite data is in an 18-wheeler.

Behold the most efficient way to transport sophisticated technology.
Photograph by Falco, courtesy Pixabay

Take a look at what DigitalGlobe is transporting in those trucks.


… the U.S. education system may be producing a society of “smart fools.” Ouch.

Dunce caps probably aren’t the best way to encourage students.
Photograph by William Albert Allard, National Geographic

Don’t be a fool. Get with the learning framework!


… the complex story of Polish refugees in Iran.

Polish children play in a refugee camp operated by the Red Cross in Teheran, Iran, in 1943.
Photograph by Nick Parrino, courtesy Library of Congress

What is a refugee?


… one of the world’s richest countries might be running out of food.

Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar, is rich with grains and spices.
Photograph by Arwcheek, courtesy GoodFreePhotos.com

Where is Qatar?


… a hominin cache in Morocco is altering the history of our species.

The earliest fossils of this species (us, Homo sapiens) were unearthed in Morocco.
Photograph by Robert Clark, National Geographic

What are hominins?


… how and why Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to remake U.S. schools.

The leaders of Facebook, Netflix, and Salesforce are using startup strategies to rethink education.
Photograph by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic

How are our educators rethinking education?


… why men don’t live as long as women.

Exercise! This 83-year-old practices yoga every day.
Photograph by Fritz Hoffman, National Geographic

Sure, women live longer, but do men have a better sense of direction?


… scientists and the public aren’t always speaking the same language.

Illustration courtesy the American Geophysical Union

Use our glossary to get started updating your vocabulary.


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