Climate Change Is Making Us Sick


Climate change is poised to affect the health of Americans in every part of the country. (LiveScience)

How do you teach about climate change? How do you not teach about climate change?

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Map by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health

Discussion Ideas
The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health lists eight ways in which human health will be harmed by climate change. Can you identify how climate change is impacting each of these categories, and an area of the U.S. that will be particularly impacted by it?




  • Food-Related Infection & Agriculture
    • Many disease-causing bacteria thrive in warmer, wetter weather. These pathogens can impact both crops in the field and prepared food.
    • Sparsely populated desert areas, such as the Great Basin, often rely heavily on prepared and imported food. These areas are at increased risk for food-related infections.




  • Wildfires
    • More frequent droughts and increasingly high temperatures increase the frequency and severity of wildfires. Wildfires put people at risk for burns, injuries, and smoke inhalation. Smoke is also a harmful air pollutant.
    • The Great Plains are particularly at risk for wildfires.


  • Mental Health and Well-being
    • Extreme weather can augment existing health conditions with stress stemming from damage to homes, communities, and social networks.
    • People suffering from anxiety-related illnesses and depression are most at-risk for increased stress due to the impacts of climate change.



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