Children’s World Map Competition

We love maps, and so does International Cartographic Association!

The 2017 Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition is now accepting entries that fit with this year’s theme:”We love maps.” Organized by the International Cartographic Association, the annual competition is open to children and youth under 16 years of age. The goal of the competition is to “promote children’s creative representation of the world, to enhance their cartographic awareness and to make them conscious of their environment.” Finalists will have their maps displayed in an exhibit at the International Cartographic Conference in Washington, D.C., from July 2-7, 2017. 

Maps can be created with paint, colored pencil, pen, collage or any other medium as long as it follows the rules outlined here. All entries must be postmarked and mailed by February 1, 2017.

Browse through creative and colorful maps from previous years:

Image (8) childrensmap-2011winner-age7-russia-thumb-475x330-5594.jpg for post 9707
“We And Our World” by Alisa Yurchenko, Russian Federation, age 7.


Image (3) childrensmap-win2011-age12-brazil-thumb-475x334-5579.jpg for post 9707
“The World In a Click” by Ana Carolina Otton Sarmanho, Brazil, age 12.


Image (1) childrensmap-2011win-age10-Indonesia-thumb-475x341-5576.jpg for post 9707
Past winning image, “Living in a Globalized World in one Ark” by Juan Edwin Kusmartin, Indonesia, age 10.


Image (5) childrensmap-2011winner-age15-iran-thumb-475x297-5585.jpg for post 9707
“Living In the Globalized World Is Like a Music Playing And Continents Are Its Alphabets. When You Play All Together It Has Meaning” by Arian Karimi Jahromi, Iran, age 15.


Image (7) childrensmap-2011winner-age15-newzealand-thumb-475x342-5591.jpg for post 9707
“The World At My Fingertips – Remains a Puzzle” by Hayden Livingstone, New Zealand, age 15.


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