What Did You Read in 2016?


What do Nat Geo Education Blog readers read? Here are the activities, stories, pictures, and assorted oddities you pushed to the top of our charts in 2016. (Nat Geo Education)

This gorgeous bathymetric map of Lake Huron clearly shows the Alpena-Amberley Ridge, which once connected Michigan with Canada. Evidence of ancient hunting sites have been found in the now-submerged ridge. Map by NOAA GLERL
This beautiful bathymetric map of Lake Huron, used in a great archaeology study guide in 2014, was our most popular image this year.


Click over to investigate the world’s happiest countries! The second bookmark maps the equality of happiness, the third bookmark maps the biggest changes in happiness, and the final bookmark maps the world’s unhappiest countries.
Where are the world’s happiest countries? Mostly in Western Europe. According to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, these countries rank highest when considering major factors such as GDP per capita, social support networks, healthy life expectancy, ability to make life choices, generosity, and low level of corruption. This was our most popular MapMaker Interactive map this year.

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