This Week in Thanksgiving History

In place of our usual “This Week in Geographic History,” here’s a look at some of our Thanksgiving-themed content.

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Thursday, November 23

NGS Picture Id:611424
Members of the Pomo tribe collect acorns to store for the winter. Illustration by W. Langdon Kihn, National Geographic.

TDIGH: Thanksgiving

Though not proclaimed a national holiday in the U.S. until 1863, feasts of thanksgiving were held as early as 1541 by the Spanish conquistadores.


New York Toponyms

Where Did the Pilgrims Land, and How Did They Farm?


Info about the Pilgrims and their colony

The Mayflower Compact

Did Thomas Jefferson Hate Thanksgiving? Did FDR Celebrate “Franksgiving”?


Recognizing Native American Perspectives

Telling the Thanksgiving Story in a Native American Language

Get Cooking!

What Did People Eat at the First Thanksgiving? (Don’t think turkey: Think eels.)

How is Your Community Part of the “United States of Thanksgiving”?

One thought on “This Week in Thanksgiving History

  1. This was fabulous! I interrelated sections of this with character analysis in my 7th grade advanced readering class. At one point in my teaching career I taught Am History to fifth graders. Now, with curricular changes in public ed, these 7th graders barely understand the significance of history to the commemoration of the Thanksgiving holiday. The articles, including a primary source, allows for educational core standards to be experienced in a timely way.
    Seasoned and still a lifelong learner…..LM

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