Navigating the Geography of Beards


What do ancient Romans and New York Yankees have in common? Clean shaves. Explore the growing cultural significance of beards with this great infographic. (Advanced Dermatology)

How did hair influence and inform culture in ancient Rome, anyway? We took a time machine to get the “word on the via.”

Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit, and be sure to check out the great thesis on “The Culture of Beards in Shakespeare.”

Infographic courtesy ADVDERMATOLOGY.COM
Infographic courtesy ADVDERMATOLOGY.COM

Discussion Ideas




  • Think about other ways men modify their bodies to reflect cultures and attitudes about masculinity. How have meanings changed across time and geography for these body modifications? Does significance change depending on the ethnicity and class of the person engaging in the body modification? (It might be a good time to think about cultural appropriation here.)



Advanced Dermatology: The Cultural Significance of Beards

Rachael Warmington, editor-in-chief, Watchung Review: “The Culture of Beards in Shakespeare”

The Afternoon Map: Mapping the Facial and Spacial Geography of the Beard

Nat Geo: Word on the Via: Tryphosa (interview with an ancient Roman hairdresser)


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