How one group of third graders used granola bars to save elephants

This week is Explorers Week, when National Geographic brings together some of the most interesting scientists and explorers making a difference in the world today.

In honor of the occasion, the Education team challenged a group of local teachers to design an end-of-year project focusing on one of National Geographic’s 2016 Emerging Explorers. We’ll be sharing their class’ stories all week on the Education Blog.

: Keisha Bolaji

Emerging Explorer Studied: Naftali Honig

Grade Level: 3

School: Patrick Henry Elementary School in Arlington, VA

Keisha on her class’ project:

To showcase our explorer, Naftali Honig, students worked in small groups and used video-based apps such as iMovie and Stop Motion to tell his story.

Because they were so moved by Naftali’s efforts, students decided to fund-raise (selling granola bars) and proceeds will go towards Naftali’s organization. I used this opportunity to teach them cumulative math skills and how to create a budget sheet, profit, and proceeds. Now my students are pretty knowledgeable in the basics of finance.

We also set up a account to fund raise from family and friends who support the cause. This was a great learning, community-based, and global awareness experience for all my students and they enjoyed every bit of the project!


This drawing by a student in Keisha’s class was used in their flyer.


Not sure yet what all the fuss is about? Allow this brilliant third grader to explain…


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