Game of the Week: Fantasy Geopolitics

By Sara Zeglin

Fantasy Geopolitics is a cool mashup of technology and traditional classroom topics.

The best part is that it can be played by a number of players—even a whole classroom! Players pick their countries in the draft phase, and then earn points when the countries they choose are mentioned in the news.

This game can be played on desktop, tablet, or phone.

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Why It’s Cool
Fantasy Geopolitics is a wonderful example of a classroom game that focuses in on international news and media issues. It combines the fun of fantasy football with social studies concepts. The interface allows students to connect with the subject matter in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a simple debate format, and encourages them to read news content.
Am I Learning?
Oh yes! Not only are students learning about the countries they’re reading about in the news, the interface could also be used to teach about media bias. (Which countries tend to feature the most prominently and why?) Fantasy Geopolitics is not only a learning experience in and of itself, but can be used as a springboard to begin conversations about other topics.
Sara Zeglin is our senior games producer here at National Geographic Education and Children’s Media. If you’ve discovered Pluto’s Secret, been stumped by a Quiz Whiz, or participated in a Dung Beetle Derby, you can thank Sara.

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