World Monuments at Risk of Disappearing


A new list of 50 sites includes an ancient underwater city in Greece, historic churches in Cuba, and a 20th-century fish market in Tokyo. (Nat Geo News)

Start Mapping World Heritage with our activity.

Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources, including today’s MapMaker Interactive map.

Discussion Ideas




  • Have you visited any of the sites on the list? Have you visited a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why do you think cultural heritage should be preserved—or why don’t you?


  • Instead of a country report, consider having your students do a “monument report” using on the World Monument or UNESCO lists. Preparation would require the same academic research, outline, mapping, and presentation skills used in more traditional reports.



Nat Geo: These 50 Treasured Places Are At Risk of Disappearing

Nat Geo: Mapping World Heritage activity

Nat Geo: World Monuments Watch interactive map

World Monuments Fund: World Monuments Watch

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