Game of the Week: Seed Racer

By Sara Zeglin

Seed Racer

This week’s game is perfect for teaching about basic plant biology–specifically seed dispersal. It’s perfect for younger kids!

Welcome to Seed Racer, a game from the PBS Kids Plum Landing site. In this game, you’ll use bubbles to capture different types of seeds. Watch out for changes in the patterns!


Why It’s Cool

After the first couple of levels, this game is hard. And that’s OK! It’s designed for younger children, but in many instances younger children will be more patient when mastering a game as they are not as familiar with their own limits. Don’t be afraid to offer challenging play experiences!

Am I Learning?

Players are learning about the different dispersal methods when you play this game, as well as working on  pattern recognition (whirly seeds are TRICKY!) and hand-eye coordination.

Sara Zeglin is our senior games producer here at National Geographic Education and Children’s Media. If you’ve discovered Pluto’s Secret, been stumped by a Quiz Whiz, or participated in a Dung Beetle Derby, you can thank Sara. 

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