Which Cities Are Fossil-Fuel Free?


Across the globe, cities are tackling climate change by shifting away from fossil fuels. Yet a survey shows they’re now at very different stages. (Nat Geo News)

See how difficult it is to balance a city’s energy portfolio. You have the power!

Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources, including a link to today’s MapMaker Interactive map.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.08.30 PM
What cities are relying on 100% renewable energy? What cities are relying on 100% fossil fuel energy? Click through today’s MapMaker Interactive map to find out.
All data from CDP, 2015 Cities Electricity Mix

Discussion Ideas




  • What are the most popular alternative energy sources?




Nat Geo: Which Cities In the World Are Closest to Nixing Fossil Fuels?

Nat Geo: You Have the Power! game

Nat Geo: What cities are relying on renewable energy? map

World Energy Council: World Energy Resources—2013 Survey

(extra credit!) CDP: 2015 Cities Electricity Mix

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