Game of the Week: Viridi

You can tell that I’m a little preoccupied with the harvest coming out of my garden, because I’m on a plant game kick!

This week’s game is about calming the mind, rather than actively engaging it. In Viridi, you tend succulent plants in a pot. A snail circles the rim of the pot. Water your plants when they get thirsty, but don’t overwater them! You can sing to your plants to boost their vitality. You can also move your plants around in the pot if you want them arranged differently. The game is free to play, and additional succulents can be purchased for a few cents.

Currently this game is available for download through Steam for desktop computers, but a version for mobile is coming soon—keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s the game trailer to give you a taste.

Why It’s Cool

There isn’t much to do in this game, and that’s the point! In an article in Fast Company, the game’s creative lead, Zoe Vartanian, said the following: “I asked myself, what is my ideal happy-place game? And I realized I wanted to make some beautiful little world where everything’s pleasant, and you can just hang out there, and tend to things.”

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Am I Learning?

In addition to learning about real-life varieties of succulents, what you are learning when you play games of this type is how to create a quiet, mindful moment in your day using unusual tools. Playing this type of game can be just as calming as a quick meditation, and focus your attention in a soothing way.

Viridi is not the first game to be praised for its meditative qualities. If you’re interested in games that center on their calming characteristics, check out Journey, Flower, Cloud, and flOw by thatgamecompany. These games are available for the PlayStation 3, and flOw is also available for PC.

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