Uncovering the British Atlantis


Doggerland, a lost world off the British coast that was flooded thousands of years ago, is slowly revealing its secrets. (Telegraph)

Use our resources to explore the “British Atlantis” of Doggerland, and relate this content to Common Core and other standards with this handy blog post!

Map of Doggerland, a region of Europe exposed when sea levels were lower in the past.

This beautiful map depicts what are now the British Isles and English Channel before sea level rise inundated low-lying Doggerland.
Map courtesy National Geographic Magazine

Discussion Ideas


  • Where did the “British Atlantis” vanish to?





The Telegraph: British Atlantis: archaeologists begin exploring lost world of Doggerland

Nat Geo: Doggerland—The Europe That Was

Nat Geo: Mapping Monday: Maps are for Reading

Nat Geo: Searching for Doggerland

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