The United States of Emoji


Did you know that 74% of Americans report using emoji every single day? What states are using what emoji? Sure, Alaskans are fishers and Washingtonians love music . . . but what is Vermonters’ fascination with smiling poo? (Tech Crunch)

Use our U.S. MapMaker Kit to label and navigate the United States of emoji!

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Map by SwiftKey
Map by SwiftKey

Discussion Ideas

  • What are emoji?
    • Emoji are a type of ideogram. Ideograms are graphic symbols that represent an idea. Emoji is a Japanese word that literally means “picture character.” Emoji were invented in the late 1990s in Japan, where developers hoped the new language would facilitate communication on mobile devices. (They were right.)


  • Whenever you read a new analysis, poll, or report, it’s always a good idea to know who put it together. What organization researched the “United States of Emoji”? How did they collect their data? Access the interactive map here, and read through the fun, full report here.
    • SwiftKey is a software company focusing on language used on mobile devices. It uses artificial intelligence to predict the next word a user will type.
    • SwiftKey gathered its data by analyzing the geography and use of more than a billion emoji on devices using SwiftKey services.




  •  Why do you think Arizonans use this emoji more often than any other state? 🌵



  • Why do you think Arkansans use this emoji more often than any other state? 🐗
    • You might want to ask Big Red or Tusk, the costumed and live mascots of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.


  • Why do you think Oklahomans use this emoji more than any other state? 😅
  • Why do you think Wisconsinites use this emoji more than any other state? 🍞
  • Why do you think Virginians use this emoji more than any other state?🐸
    • . . . Let us know in the comments.  😃



Tech Crunch: SwiftKey Quantifies Emoji Use

Nat Geo: United States MapMaker Kit

SwiftKey: United States of Emoji interactive map

SwiftKey: United States of Emoji Data Summary

6 thoughts on “The United States of Emoji

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  2. Can not be a true representation because there are no states with the same emoji. And that’s impossible.

    1. You’re right! The map indicates the differences in emoji use, not the raw numbers. Here’s how SwiftKey compiled the data:

      “This report represents the emoji that each state over-indexes for on two metrics—the US average usage as a whole and a weighted average that treats each US state’s usage as equal. These insights were combined to determine a single signature emoji for each state while ensuring no emoji was used more than once on the map.

      This report does not represent the absolute frequency of emoji used in each state.”

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