The Most Incredible Commencement Speech of 2015


Students are graduating. Prepare for two minutes of inspiration. (Bloomberg Business)

Looking for more inspirational advice? Listen to Nat Geo’s explorers!

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Discussion Ideas


  • Which speaker did you like best? Why?
    • Was your favorite speaker funny?
    • Did he or she address current events or political situations?
    • What type of advice did he or she give?
    • (FYI: My favorites this year were Michelle Obama and Antonin Scalia, nicely bracketing the political continuum. She was unapologetic and on-point, he was sharp and funny, both were opinionated and gave great advice!)


  • Plan a commencement ceremony for your class!
    • What day of the week will you hold it?
    • What time of day will the ceremony be held? How long will it last?
    • Where will the ceremony be? Outside? Inside? Why?
    • Where will the graduates sit?
    • Where will the guests (parents, friends) sit?
    • Where will the featured speakers sit?
    • Who will deliver your commencement address? Why?
      • Keep in mind that some speakers come with a hefty price tag—Matthew McConaughey, for example, would set you back $135,000 plus travel and expenses. Katie Couric charges about $110,000, while rock-star astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is a relative steal at under $30,000.


  • Give a commencement speech yourself! Take some tips from USA Today, TIME,, Guide to Public Writing, or Graduation Wisdom.
    • Where would you speak? At a high school, college or university, or trade school? Why?
    • What would you talk about?
      • How would your topic change for your venue? Think about the differences between First Lady Michelle Obama’s address to university graduates and Justice Scalia’s address to high-schoolers.
    • Would you offer career advice? Humor? Stories? Opinions on politics or current events? Why?



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