What Does a 6-Year-Old Think of Climate Change?


A Montana first-grader has made a video about how climate change is affecting his family and community. (Nat Geo News)

Listen to other “Young Voices for the Planet” with our video series about young people making a difference in the battle against climate change.

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Discussion Ideas

  • What is climate change?
    Climate change includes all the gradual, long-term changes in weather on our planet. “Global warming,” which often includes periods of intense cold, is the current period of climate change.



  • Can you identify any elements of climate change in your neighborhood?
    • Noah talked to his grandmother and parents. Talk to older adults to see what the weather was like when they were growing up.
      • Did they have more or fewer snow days?
      • Do they remember the level of a local lake or river being lower or higher?
      • When did they start wearing winter or summer clothes? (Could they wear flip-flops in February? Did they need heavy parkas in May?)
    • Talk to farmers or gardeners.
      • What crops or plants have grown in your region historically? What crops are grown now?
      • What types of fertilizer or irrigation methods have traditionally been used? What methods are used now?
    • Visit your local library. Ask a librarian or archivist to help you find historic maps and almanacs.
      • How have precipitation patterns changed?
      • How have zoning methods changed—have rivers changed course, or are people building closer or further from the ocean or lake?
      • What natural hazards—such as hurricanes, forest fires, or thunderstorms—have historically impacted your community?
        • Have these extreme natural events increased or decreased over the past century or even 25 years?
    • Make your own video, or ask an adult to help. Noah’s parents made his video using a GoPro camera and an inexpensive app!




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