Weekly Warm-Up: Weather-Proof Your Field Trips With GeoTours!

Looking for a way to show your students around the United States and Canada without actually setting foot outside of your classroom? Check out National Geographic Education‘s State GeoTours created by the Network of Alliances for Geographic Education.

National Geographic challenged Alliance Coordinators and teachers around the U.S. to use MapMaker Interactive to create individualized tours of each state and Canada. You and your students can click through markers on the tours and discover the landmarks that state insiders consider to be the most notable!

Get started with National Geographic’s hometown of Washington, D.C.!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.59.07 PM
GeoTour by Lacey Hankin

GeoTours are arranged in the MapMaker Interactive so that each “bookmark” located at the bottom of the map is a “stop” on the tour. Click through the bookmarks to take a closer look at zoomed-in parts of the map that contain markers. The markers contain detailed information about a chosen landmark, usually with a photograph!

Don’t see your state’s tour on the State GeoTours page? Check back again soon! Or have your students develop their own GeoTour using the MapMaker Interactive! Be sure to check out the Getting Started welcome window to learn about MapMaker Interactive‘s features and visit the help page to learn tricks and tips!

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