$1 Million Teaching Prize


What makes a Global Teacher Prize finalist? Performing biology songs and dances? Taking field trips to cemeteries? Developing a street-cleaning robot? Setting up a food production business? (Global Teacher Prize)

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Teachers and future finalists—scroll down for a quick list of key resources, including today’s MapMaker Interactive map.

Check out inspiring and down-to-earth videos from all Top 10 Finalists for the Global Teacher Prize on today's MapMaker Interactive map!
Check out inspiring and down-to-earth videos from all Top 10 Finalists for the Global Teacher Prize on today’s MapMaker Interactive map!

Discussion Ideas

  • Why do you think the Global Teacher Prize is nicknamed the “Nobel Prize of teaching”?


  • Can you think of a classroom teacher to nominate for the Global Teacher Prize?
    • The criteria are:
      • Recognition from a teacher’s students, administrators, coworkers, and community.
      • Using “innovative and effective instructional practices and achieving demonstrable student learning outcomes in the classroom.”
      • Contributing to public debates on raising the bar of the teaching profession.
      • Encouraging others to join the teaching profession.
      • Preparing children to be global citizens.
      • Developing and sharing innovative thought leadership that has improved access to quality teaching and education for children of all backgrounds.
      • Accomplishments beyond the classroom that provide unique and distinguished models of excellence for the teaching profession.
    • Take a look at this year’s Top 10 Finalists for some inspiration!
    • Follow the Global Teacher Prize’s Twitter to check in for announcements about the winner and application process.


Alliances, Educator Community members, Grosvenor Teaching Fellows . . . are you listening?



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