100 Best Jobs in America


Take a look at the top 100 careers with big growth, great pay, and satisfying work. Spoiler alert! No artists. No teachers. And no geographers. (CNN Money)

Why isn’t “geographer” on that list?!

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It's all about that MBA, kids. Photograph courtesy National Geographic
It’s all about that MBA, kids.
Photograph courtesy National Geographic

Discussion Ideas

  • Before diving in to the list “top jobs,” consider the source of the information. What aspects of a job do you think CNN Money and PayScale valued most in their evaluation of a “good” job?
    • Money and pay, clearly! The list also evaluated job growth, personal satisfaction, benefit to society, the ability to telecommute, and stress level. These are all important factors to consider when choosing or evaluating a career.
  • What other aspects of a job might you evaluate when making a list of the “best jobs”?
    • Some aspects might include:
      • amount of critical thinking allowed
      • benefit to, or impact on, the local, regional, or global community
      • environmental impact
      • ability to travel
      • ability to work outdoors
      • how the job allows you to interact with other people
      • where the job is physically located
      • academic or licensing background required
      • intellectual skills required
      • physical skills required
      • whether or not you wear a uniform
      • hours demanded
      • diversity of the work environment

Without further ado . . .

  • 6. Continuous Improvement Manager
    • Continuous improvement managers identify goals that make a company more efficient, teach employees how to work toward those targets, and review how well these practices are embedded in the culture. Watch these videos to better understand how geographic competency helps inform “continuous improvement” business models.


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