An Incredible Story Unfolding

A must watch: These inspiring young girls have taken on the challenge of raising rhino awareness into their classmates’ hands.

Know of inspired and energetic students of your own? Share your story with us, and get your students involved.

Here are ways to encourage your students to be Rhino Innovators:

1. Get in the know: Help them learn about rhinos, where they live, and why they are nearing extinction.

2. Facilitate their ideas to help. Awareness is the first step, their ideas can be limitless.

3. Share your story as a comment here below this post, or at

Explorers-in-Residence with National Geographic, and renowned wildlife filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert have initiated an incredible plan to airlift at least 100 rhinos from South Africa to safety in Botswana. By moving these rhinos from densely populated areas where poaching is rampant, to areas where poaching is virtually non-existent, the odds of their survival are significantly higher. Hear their story (sensitive footage for children at minutes 1:50 – 2:15):

Has such an airlift happened before? Amazingly, yes. Talk to your students or children about how this might work.

Black Rhinoceros, Photograph by Steve Raymer, National Geographic
Black Rhinoceros, Photograph by Steve Raymer, National Geographic

– What skill sets would be needed to help?

– How can you ensure the rhino is not injured during the process?

– Bewildered on arrival? Like most animals, rhinos have particular habitat needs and require a certain amount of space from one another to successfully reproduce. What preparations would need to be done ahead of time, to ensure the habitat where they are moving is ready for their arrival?

Follow this incredible story, and learn how each dollar is making a difference.


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