Tech Industry Earns Some Cred


A leader in the small but growing industry of “coder boot camps” announced plans to develop a new set of credentials aimed at certifying the skills these programs teach. (NPR)

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Discussion Ideas



  • The NPR article is about new “microcredentials” for coding. What are microcredentials, and how are they different from earlier coding credentials?
    • A microcredential is test-based. A traditional credential may include practical experience, academic education (such as a degree), or a series of training courses.
    • Earlier credential programs were associated with proprietary software programs. Microsoft, for instance, may have issued a credential in Excel, its proprietary spreadsheet program. But according to the NPR article, “today’s mobile apps and websites rely largely on more open programming languages like Java and Ruby.”



  • Already have some basic coding knowledge? Have you entered the Verizon Innovative App Challenge? Why not? The Verizon Innovative App Challenge “provides the opportunity for middle school and high school students, working with a faculty advisor (licensed teacher), to use their STEM knowledge, their ingenuity, and their creativity to come up with an original mobile app concept that incorporates STEM and addresses a need or problem in their school or community.” Learn more about the challenge here.



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