Make Waves in Your Classroom!

Do you know what your students think about water? Do they think it’s tasteless and that rainy days are no fun because recess is indoors? Or do they love to explore puddles and think that water is essential to growing plants and animals? If kids near you are not sure why water (and protecting water) matters, how do you turn their misconceptions into learning experiences?


One way to refresh your strategies on teaching about water is to check out National Geographic‘s Earth’s Freshwater: A Guide to Teaching Freshwater in Grades 3 to 8, one of the four Environmental Literacy Guides available for free download on the National Geographic Education website. This PDF guide outlines great ways to teach about water through a variety of subjects, such as social studies, science, and geography.

To learn more, enroll in our Water: The Essential Resource online course! This (FREE) 8-week professional development opportunity provides educators with the tools that will help refresh their instructional strategies for including environmental content in their lessons. The goals of this course include increasing environmental education in classrooms and providing support for teachers to integrate this content into their lessons. By enrolling in this course, educators have the opportunity to reflect on their current practices and to collaborate with other educators in online discussion forums. Class begins on Wednesday, October 15—so sign up today!

Have you used Earth’s Freshwater: A Guide to Teaching Freshwater in Grades 3 to 8 to enhance your teaching strategies? What other resources have you found helpful to bring new life to your lessons so that they are robust with environmental content? What advice do you have for teachers who are interested in learning more about this topic?



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