Nominate a Colleague Today!

blue educatorAt National Geographic, we recognize and appreciate that educators are shaping how their students understand their world in their classrooms every day. We’re hosting a new series called the “Educator of the Week” in order to feature inspiring activities and lessons that educators are implementing with their students that connect them to the world in bold and exciting ways.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear from our first Educator of the Week, Diane White Husic. She’ll share an engaging activity to get students thinking about the consequences of their consumption patterns and life choices.

Get inspired and help us find the next “Educator of the Week” by nominating your outstanding colleagues today. All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of educators, and those chosen will be featured on the National Geographic Education blog every other Tuesday.

blue nominateDo you know of a great geo-education activity? Nominate a colleague or yourself as the next Educator of the Week!

What is geo-education?

National Geographic has adopted the term geo-education to describe the in-school and out-of-school experiences that teach young people to understand how our world functions and how people, places, and environments interconnect.

National Geographic believes a well-rounded geo-education is vital to prepare current and future generations to function successfully and sustainably on an interconnected planet.

Join the Geo-Educator Community today!    

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