Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Geo-Educators!

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, National Geographic would like to extend a thank you to the educators who have supported our recently launched Geo-Educator Community in its various capacities. We commend those educators who proclaimed themselves #GeoEducators at our launch, and thank those who have shared resources or engaged in vibrant discussion on how to teach students about their world on any one of our online community platforms like Edmodo, Facebook, or Twitter.

In particular, we would like to recognize a diverse group of talented minds that played a large part in guiding the vision of our Geo-Educator Community. These educators worked hand-in-hand with us over the last few months as part of the Community’s Working Group. These Working Groups engaged in discussions ranging from what geo-education can look like in practice, to how we could spread the message of geo-education and support geo-educators. We are excited to announce that we’ve created a Steering Committee for the Geo-Educator Community. We are grateful to have such a gifted and committed group of educators that include:


Photographs by: Deborah Anderson, Photo by Tim Anderson. Cara Bucciarelli, Photo by Cara Bucciarelli. Eric Carlson, Photo by Maria Alejandra Rivera. Kevin Denton, Photo by John Gasangwa. Diane Husic, Photo by Corey Husic. Anne Lewis, Photo by Anne Lewis. Breigh Rhodes, Photo by Adam Rhodes. Terry Smith, Photo by Mary Eby.
Photographs by: Deborah Anderson, Photo by Tim Anderson. Cara Bucciarelli, Photo by Cara Bucciarelli. Eric Carlson, Photo by Maria Alejandra Rivera. Kevin Denton, Photo by John Gasangwa. Diane Husic, Photo by Corey Husic. Anne Lewis, Photo by Anne Lewis. Breigh Rhodes, Photo by Adam Rhodes. Terry Smith, Photo by Mary Eby.


Deborah Anderson: K-8 – Language Arts, Music and World History
Cara Bucciarelli: K-8 – Spanish
Eric Carlson: A.P Human Geography, Global Issues and United States History
Kevin Denton: Middle School – Science and Math
Diane Husic: Higher Education – Environmental Science, Restoration Ecology
Anne Lewis: Environmental Education at South Dakota Discovery Center
Breigh Rhodes: Second Grade – Math and Science
Terry Smith: Teacher Education – Social Studies, Educational Technology

Read more about their backgrounds here.

 We are also grateful to the organizations that have helped us reach this point. In particular, thank you to Fund for Teachers, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, American Council for Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Asia Society, and the Global Education Conference. We appreciate their guidance and the opportunity to work alongside organizations that share a commitment to supporting educators.


About the Geo-Educator Community

National Geographic’s new education community hosts vibrant discussions about how educators can connect their students to the world on multiple platforms including Edmodo, Facebook, and Twitter. Educators are invited to find out about our Resource of the Week or participate in the Weekly Wednesday discussion. As a first step, we’re asking educators to proclaim themselves #GeoEducators. Join us!



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