ONE DAY MORE: The NGX Challenge!

Be sure to submit your solutions to the Engineering Exploration Challenge by midnight tomorrow!

Have you been toiling away designing the perfect panda-proof camera? Sweating about how to create an electric charge without the aide of a power outlet, while still making your solution wearable? How about struggling to safely return a camera to the ground after raising it up 10 feet high?

Kid Cameras
Kids display their solutions to Challenge 1: Animal-proof a camera from an animal of your choice. Photograph by Samantha Zuhlke

If so, we want to hear about it! Don’t worry if your solution isn’t perfect—solutions rarely are! That’s how we learn, and we want to learn from you. Submit your solution to National Geographic, complete or incomplete, with a description of how you solved your chosen Challenge. Engineering is messy, and we’re as interested in learning about messy solutions as we are about tidy ones.

Submitting your solution is easy. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page at

Later in May, we’ll be hosting a Google+ Hangout for all the young explorers who submitted solutions with some of our grown up explorers. More information is coming soon. Be sure to secure an invite by submitting your solution to the NGX Challenge!

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