Coming to You Live… From Space!

Have you ever wondered what was happening in space, up in the stars at this very moment? What astronauts might be doing or exploring or thinking?

Tonight, you can find out!

Live From Space
Live From Space

It takes the International Space Station (ISS) 90 minutes to circle the Earth, and National Geographic is inviting you along for the ride! Join National Geographic Channel tonight, Friday March 14 for Live From Space—a unique experience where viewers can view and follow the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits the globe.

Want to see yourself up in orbit? You can  send videos and questions to the astronauts by posting a video asking a question, or even just a photo saying “hello” on Instagram using #HelloFromEarth. You’re question might be answered on air!


Additionally, as the ISS makes way over the globe, a second screen experience will allow users to view and explore the most popular music, food, places, and trends of the countries the ISS is over.

Visit the Live from Space website to learn more and check out the technology on board the ISS, view photo galleries, and see where the ISS is right now in real-time!

Blast into orbit and see the world like you’ve never seen it before when Live from Space airs tonight, March 14, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Written by Emily Connor, National Geographic Education

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