This Day in Geographic History

Did you know that today, back in 1974, an American heiress was kidnapped? Or that in 960, the Song Dynasty was established in China? Or how about that in 1826, The Last of the Mohicans was published?

Impress your friends, students and colleagues with daily fun facts using our new, fun feature, This Day in Geographic History.

Incorporate this new learning tool into your classroom and life—we highly recommend it.

  • Plot each “This Day in Geographic History” event on a world map.
  • Mix it up! When learning about historical events, use this tool to see what else happened that day in history.
  • Assign each student a day to report on. Begin every morning with a small show and tell about a famous event in history.
  • Do your students keep journals? Here’s instant content to write about. If not, consider keeping a rotating classroom journal, where a different student journals each day.
  • Teach a vocabulary word of the day. Use one of the highlighted words in the article to teach a word within a larger context.
  • Deepen learning around the Geographic Event using the following page features:

Key Concepts
Connect daily events to larger themes using our Key Concept collections. The hyperlinked words (words in blue) will take you to a collection of activities, reference material, and media on that theme. These collections can be filtered by grade level and subject matter.

Key Concepts

Related Materials
Filter between the Activities, Multimedia, or Reference tabs to find classroom resources that relate to the day’s event.

Related Materials

Hyperlinked words (again, the words in blue) reveal vocabulary definitions once clicked.


Select the Vocabulary tab next to the Background tab to see a complete list of all the vocabulary words utilized in the article.

Vocabulary Tab

Written by Samantha Zuhlke, National Geographic Education

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