#GreatNature: Celebrate Your Neighbors this September

This blog post was written by Justine Kendall, National Geographic Education staff. We’re sharing National Geographic staff and friends’ stories about nature to celebrate the Great Nature Project. To share your own nature photos of plants and animals with National Geographic, visit greatnatureproject.org

What is Great Nature?

To some of our explorers it’s a very, very close-up picture of a snake.

Photograph by Daniel Raven-Ellison
Photograph by Dr. Krithi Karanth

To others it’s a regal lioness and her cub.

Photograph by Beverly Joubert

It’s tiny frogs,

Photograph by Steve Boyles

Beautiful ethereal kelp,

Photograph by Enric Sala

A call to action,

Photograph by Joel Sartore

A close-up,

Photograph by Juan Martinez

A mystery…

Photograph by Casey Anderson

Great Nature can be all of those things and more. But to me, it’s my neighbors–the living things that grow, eat, crawl, fly live on my street and in my neighborhood. Great Nature is all around us, and just like our human neighbors, we need to appreciate and love all those living things!

Photograph by Justine Kendall

By Justine Kendall, National Geographic Education

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