Boston Ranked as Most Energy-Efficient U.S. City


According to a new ranking by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, many of the nation’s cities are instituting a variety of energy-saving measures, and Boston tops the list. (National Geographic News)

Be the mayor of your own city in our “Plan it Green” game, and see if you can match Boston for energy efficiency.

Discussion Ideas

  • On the same page, browse the map and see which cities ranked highest and lowest in each policy category. You can track either by city or by policy. (For instance, Portland ranked highest in transportation, while Seattle ranked highest in buildings.)
    • Choose a city. If you were part of a task force to improve your city’s standing in one or more policy categories, what are some initiatives you would use? Keep your city’s physical and cultural geography in mind.
      • physical geography: Alternative energy sources may be limited or unreasonable in some areas. In cities such as Denver, for instance, access to potential tidal energy would not be terribly efficient.
      • cultural geography: Retrofitting buildings to bring them up to the most energy-efficient standards can be expensive. The city of Detroit, for example, filed for bankruptcy this summer. Designing a new energy-efficient government strategy is not its major priority at this point.

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