Squid Skin Inspires Camouflage


Camouflaged clothing that mimics squid skin is being developed to hide soldiers from night-vision equipment. (Telegraph)

Use our resources to better understand biomimicry, camouflage, and how technology is changing the clothes we wear.

Discussion Ideas

  • Read our short encyclopedic entry on camouflage, then review the Telegraph article. Which camouflage tactic are military engineers hoping to use to hide soldiers from night-vision equipment?
    • Background matching, the most familiar camouflage tactic. Using background matching, a species conceals itself by resembling its surroundings in coloration, form, or movement. The squid studied by engineers in the article can change the color and even the texture of their skin to blend into the background.

Thanks to Samantha, one of our favorite geographers (and songwriters!) for the heads-up on this current-event connection.

And thanks to the brainiacs at UC Irvine for doing such awesome research! Go anteaters!

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