Mapping Tools to Teach English Language Arts?

Have you ever thought about using interactive mapping to teach English Language Arts? By creating GeoTours you can do just that!

A new feature on the MapMaker Interactive lets you create your own set of links, or GeoTour, that you can save and share with the world. Creating, sharing, and collaborating on GeoTours can be a great project for students.

Grapes of Wrath GeoTour
GeoTour based on the Grapes of Wrath

Using a class reading assignment, students can turn reading into an interactive experience using images, links, markers, and text to tell a geographic story.

Once finished, students can download their GeoTour, email the file to others, or post it where others can download it.

Students can even revise and add to their map after they’ve finished it.

Explore this exciting new tool and see if you can use it in your own classroom. Example 3 on this page shows a GeoTour created around the geographic locations in the Grapes of Wrath.

Let us know, will you use this tool in your class this year?


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