Plan an Event to Raise Awareness About the Ocean

The National Geographic’s Ocean Education Program aims to engage and collaborate with the marine recreation community with a shared goal of raising public awareness about ocean conservation and inspiring people to help protect the vital natural resources that the ocean provides.

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Photograph by: Samuel Allen, MyShot

National Geographic, with the support of Oracle, created workshops for the ocean recreation community to share current marine science and conservation science and to discuss how the ocean recreation community can educate, motivate and inspire the public to be stewards of the ocean in order to ensure the future of ocean recreation.

The primary purpose of the workshop is to encourage marine recreation providers to promote conservation activities among the public they engage. We invite you to explore our toolkit page, designed to aid educators and ocean organizations in planning and delivering their own workshop for the marine recreation community.

In one location, you will find:

A planning guide with tips and program suggestions for creating your own workshop for the marine recreation community

Sample invitations, cover letters, agendas and speaker bios to help you plan your workshop

Facilitator guides, presentation tips, videos, handouts and more!

Come explore and plan your own marine recreation workshop!

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