Create A Weather Map With Your Family!

Weather is important to people everywhere. Use this fun activity to teach your family to think critically about the weather!

What you’ll need:

  • Crayons
  • Drawing paper
  • Photos of weather from magazines
  • State weather maps from the local newspaper

1. Check out this interactive activity for talking points, background and more.

2. Look at a local weather map. 
Find a local newspaper. Look at the weather map for your state. Look at the ways the map shows weather and temperature in different parts of the state. Do you see words, numbers, colors, and symbols? What do the numbers show? What do the colors and symbols show? Why is it helpful to see a weather map? Hint: A weather map can help you decide what to wear. It can also help you plan outdoor activities. The numbers show temperature. The colors and symbols show the weather.

2. Draw different types of weather. 
Think about how you would make the map even more interesting. What pictures would you draw to show what the weather looks like? Draw pictures that show these types of weather:

  • sunshine
  • clouds
  • cold
  • rain
  • snow
  • thunderstorms

3. Create your own local weather map. 
Remember what today’s weather is like? Create your own local weather map! Go to the MapMaker 1-page map of the United States. Use the menu to get a 1-page map for your state. Print it out and use crayons or markers to create your own weather map. Use the information about today’s weather and the pictures you drew of different types of weather to create your own local weather map. Think about how you might change the pictures for different seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer.

4. Share your weather map with family members. 
Share your local weather map with family members and see if they can read it. Talk about any symbols they find confusing and adjust them on the map.

Featured image by: Kathleena Unverzagt, MyShot

Lesson written by: Mark H. Bockenhauer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography, St. Norbert College

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