Bring The Ocean Into Your Classroom

At National Geographic Education, we believe that we’re connected to the ocean with every breath we take and every drop we drink. We have built a substantial ocean education resource hub for educators to use when teaching about ocean life, human interactions with the ocean and the ocean’s physical geography. We think that these resources will help give students the confidence and information necessary to formulate their own opinions on ocean-related environmental issues.

Sea Space Ship - 2011-11-23_111765_nature.jpg

Photograph by: Jean Duquesnois, MyShot

Included in our Ocean Education Program, you’ll find lessons, activities, multimedia, illustrations, reference material and entire units for all grades, from K-12.

Here are some quick links to some of the great resources you’ll find on this page:

Engage your students with a no-mess dissection and discuss current environmental issues

Find project-based learning resources in our Marine Ecology Unit

See how students from around the world connect to the ocean through photography

Teach your students about underwater geology

Show them how they can map ocean currents

Help your students make connections about how people affect the ocean and so much more!

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